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European-level service

At harvest every moment of time is irreplacably valuable. Machines that operate inefficiently or stay idle cost time, money and nerves. That is why providng timely, complete and skilled assistance when needed is a primary priority for Versatile® and "Agro Group".

Buying agricultural equipment from a certified dealer, you get a complete long term warranty. There are:

  • Highly qualifiied and experienced engineers and technologists;
  • Equipped by the latest technological standards of service centers;
  • Specially trained teams of rapid response for on-field repairs;
  • High-quality spare parts from the original manufacturer.

Buying original equipment from Agro-group, you get it in fully "locked and loaded" ready-to-use state. Upon receipt of equipment from "Agro-Group" service center specialist will hold a training instruction course among your co-workers in an equipped classroom. In the service center always present specialists in mechanics, hydraulics, electronics adjustments etc.

Experts in our service center have high degree technical education, years of working experience with agricultural machinery and regularly take additional training in Versatile®.

Full list of all the services offered:

  • Preparing equipment for sale
  • Preparing equipment for operation
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Preparing machines for field work and off-season storage
  • Diagnostics and repair
  • Technical advice and training