Versatile® advantages

Canadian agricultural technic manufacturer Versatile® has 49 years of experience in production and claimes it's place on world market for agricultural machines. Due to innovative decisions and work flow optimisation Versatile® is able to ship machines not only as reliable and high-quality as other renowned world brands, but much at much more advantageous prices. While producing separate parts of machines, Versatile® utilises profesionalism and experience of leading european manufacturers and advanced decisions in metallurgy, engineering and robotics: from alloying combine blades steel with boron salts to caterpilar tracks, that automaticaly change their shape, copying the relief of the soil.

Versatile® innovations aimed at making high-quality technics more cost-effective and durable, as well as maximizing the profit and simplify the service for our clients. Even utilising high-end techologies, Versatile® machines is still easy to use, maintain and repairs: machines are built in a way that protects crucial parts from taking damage even in conditions of extending out of recommended usage terms, as well as providing easy access to all mechanics that might need oiling, cleaning, etc.

Versatile®  machines are different in their purpose, offering a wide spectrum for mechanical solutions for the entire cycle of any type of agricultural activities. Available are both highly specialized machines for particlular soil and climatic conditions and crops, as well as more generalized powerful machines, that can be equipped and modified for a wide arrange of agricultural tasks in different conditions. Whatever your goals are, you can always find machines, that will satisfy your demands to the limit.



VERSATILE is affiliated with Buhler Versatile Inc., which headquarters are located in city of Winnipeg, Monitoba province, Canada. Created in 1932 as agriclutural equipment manufacturer, the company was later acquired by John Buhler in 1969. Due to gradual expansion, new products and resultative acquisitions, the company shows significant progress and growth. On the duration of many years a lot of brands joined Buhler Versatile Inc.: Versatile, Farm King, Redball, EZEE-ON, Feterl Manufacturing, ROSTSELMASH, Klever. At the present day Buhler Versatile Inc. unites 13 manufacturing enterprises, located in Canada, USA, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


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