Agro-Group is your reliable partner on the market for high quality agriculture machines бренду Versatile®. Versatile® is well-known leading company with almost fifty years of experience in producing tractors, combines, irrigation machinery etc. "Agro-Group" is a fast developing company that sees it's primal function in shipping, supporting and maintenance of high-quality agricultural machines.

Advantages of Versatile® in comparison to competitors:

    • The optimum combination of minimal price and European-level quality;
    • 50 years of experience in production;
    • Wide availability of professional service;
    • Research and development sites all over the world from Canada to Western Europe;
    • Renowned for quality all over CIS countries;
    • Easy modification and modernisation process ensures that machines will always live up to your standarts and expectations.

Why you should buy Versatile® Agricultural Machines from Agro-Group:

  • Oficial dealership certificate enusres that you will meet the best terms for buying, shipping and warranty maintenance;
  • Warranty service is performed by professionals on comfortable for you conditions;
  • Selling, shipping and serving in Odessa, Cherkasy, Vinnytsia, Poltava and partialy Kirovohrad oblasts.

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